Jonhathan Griffith



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Blood Pacts:

  • 3 com o Lort – Sobre as corridas de moto e porcentagens (3 cenários e cada cenário tem um contrato)
  • 1 com Gilfren – Corridas underground, no território dele (83% meu e 17% dele). Ele fará a segurança local, aonde ninguem pode ser ferido no territorio dele, ninguem pode morrer, as traks ele deve fazer manutenção nelas e deve construir o elevador para o acesso dos competidores e dos espectadores
  • 1 com montanha

Is the youngest son of the Griffith clan, was born at 1584 a.M. At that time, the Griffiths were constructing their first Airship Dreadnaught by order of the Emperor Galaphron Vulgate III. But I’ll get to the young “John” soon enough.

Master Ektorian Griffith the heir of Lochknaria Griffith was responsible for digging the clan out of the bad streak it was passing, since Denimara’Ruk the fool. Since he was a boy, his mother, educated him in the old ways of the Griffith clan. So, when he came back from his fire baptism, the ideas for evolving the world around him where really fresh.

Let me explain a little thing before we go on… As owners of the biggest and oldest Airship industry in Etruria, each Griffith has to pass by the same education as the First Inventor Griffith. This family politic is common for the merchant class; their sons need to pass through a thorough education, from item creation, diplomacy, and harsh diplomacy. After this homeson creation the member of the family is ready to leave it´s household and pass thru a fire baptism on the streets.

The Griffithism was a steampunkian economic and social system based on industrial mass production. It was a revolutionary idea that culminated with the outstanding revolution in the Airship industry, spreading to a skyboards, floating platforms and houses.

As a kid, Ektor, love the war stories that his great grandfather Denimara told him and as an adult he saw in the military the crutch he needed to upgrade his family’s status and save the company. So, after revolutionizing the production assembly line, he started to draw ideas and conjunctions on a War Airship, a flying death inspired by those old dragon stories that could be built by man.

Consultant Ektorian, … yes… the old man was a Technologic Consultant to the Emperor Galaphron Vulgate III , finally could present his Dreadnaught Airship theory and architectures of the grand warship to the Emperor. After a few small prototypes, that in fact revolutionized the Eturian way of life once again and is now known as Skyboards, Griffith CO won the right and the funds to construct the dreadnaughts.

All of Ektorian adult sons where totally invested on this project of their father, each son went out to the world with their path set. They went after war, flight, engineering, Oricalcum farming, Containment fields, magic and other areas of expertise that would be used on the construction of the Dreadnaughts. So when young John was born, the Flying Death… yes it´s the first dreadnaught… was delivered to Etrurian Army.

The name Johnathan came from a very strange man that worked with Ektor during his baptism, I never knew how or why Lady Lochknaria accepted that stranger in the household. But John was there on almost every great discovery of Master Ektorian. So let me get back to the story of young Johnathan.

Young master John was born with a respiratory affliction, most of our doctors couldn´t heal him and Ektorian had to pay a holy man to cure John of the asma. One day Old Johnathan came to visit his old Griffith friend and found out about his godson. Happy for being Ektors youngest godfather he brought an odd contraption with some herbs and told Lady Viktioria, Ektors wife, how to treat his godson when he was in a seizure. After a month or so young John was on his feet running around the house and learning as a young Griffith should.

The young lords early years were filled with teachers, craftsmanships and the best that money could buy. Master Ektorian and his other sons came once and a while to look upon the young sir. Some of them even played a part of the boys up breeding as teachers or friends, finally I could see a family coming together after those years of hardship working.

The Griffith legacy was reformed and young John was the first of the new generation, his path is his own.

Johnathan came back, sometimes, to teach his godson the art of Steampunk and firearms. Eventually the Johns sat at the garden contemplating the masters Warforged, and I could see where he was going to go Techwise. He oftenly played with his toys as if he was in them. After that day the young master changed his ways, studying harder than any of his brothers.

Jonhathan Griffith

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